April 26, 2022
DiveMaster Gilis

How it Works

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The DiveMaster Gillis was created to support the make your first step in professional diving and become a dive master. The main purpose of the website, is to provide an exceptional PADI Divemaster program that combines training, conservation and career development as a dive professional.

Many people find diving to be a great way to get back to nature and de-stress. With practice you will learn calming breathing techniques. These will not only make the dive more enjoyable, but you’ll also use up less air and be able to stay underwater for longer. 

The next step in your diving plan is to outline what skills you need to added for become a dive professional  

Process & Results

In-water procedures in this grouping include entry to the water, surface swimming, descent, buoyancy and trim control, equalization of pressure in air spaces, maneuvering in midwater and at the bottom, monitoring the dive profile, gas supply and decompression obligations, normal ascent, and exit from the water.

The DiveMaster Gillis team wished you Good Luck at your next diving!