April 26, 2022
Marche Du Pre

How it Works

The flexibility, speed, and cost-efficiency of PHP make it one of the best solutions for building an e-commerce website. Its frameworks simplify the job of the developers and offer an excellent time-to-market even for budget options.

this E-Commerce Site Project in PHP focuses mainly on the eCommerce side of things such as online shopping and others. Also, the system displays all the lists of products with their respective prices. In addition, the system allows managing product brands too. This project is divided into two categories: Admin and Customer. In an overview of this web application, the customer has to register in order to perform various actions. A customer can look for products, add products to the cart, add products to a wishlist. Each product contains its own description, features, and number of photos. Talking about the checkout procedure, the customer can enter coupon codes for discounts. As soon as he/she passes through checkout procedures, the customer has to manage the order from the account section.

On the other hand, an admin has full control over the system. An admin has the right to manage the proper flow of the system. He/she can manage the number of categories by entering their names, photos, and selecting certain features. After the management of categories, now the admin has to manage manufacturers. While referring to a number of categories, it means product category and a shopping category. As mentioned earlier, the process for this section is the same as well. The admin has to enter the manufacturer name, photo, and choose an option whether to show it as a top manufacturer or not. And now, after setting up all these fields, the administrator can add product details too.