April 26, 2022

How it Works

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Western Trails Alliance is run by volunteers. Our objectives are to assist with planning, design and construction of high-quality mountain bike trails for the community and land owners.

We also donate funds to mountain bike clubs to fund community-run projects they are involved with.

Planning and design is carried out by volunteers, using effective methods and documentation which delivers the necessary level of detail to meet the requirements of all parties.

Funding is provided by Sponsors, the public and from Government grants.

Registered Volunteers assist with the labour requirements in construction.

All volunteers are covered by volunteer workers Insurance.

We work with experienced trail construction contractors that are willing to provide specialised equipment, services and expertise at or below cost.


The involvement of volunteers benefits everyone:

The lower cost often means that projects are possible which would otherwise not have proceeded due to funding constraints.

A sense of ownership and community-building by the participants in the project.

Input from riders and volunteers helps to ensure the trails match the current expectations of users.

Volunteers continue to be involved after completion of the initial project, with ongoing maintenance, fund raising, events and other activities.