WordPress Master

As of 2022, there are about 1.4 billion total websites on the web. More than 455 million sites use WordPress, with over 2 million downloads every year. So having WordPress development knowledge is a good way to start your career in the IT field.

Setting up WordPress on Local Host

For Beginners, one should always start with setting up WordPress on a local host. For this download WordPress & install xampp and on your computer.
Here is the link to download WordPress setup (always download the latest version)
Here is he link to download xampp
Follow this video for detailed instructions about setting up WordPress on the local host

After setting up WordPress, first, you will need to install a theme in WordPress. By default, there will be 2-3 themes present on your website, either you can choose from them or can download from many themes available for free. This video will give you a proper idea about starting to design a website in WordPress.

Things to know for working with Word Press

  • Elementor/Avada /Divi /Wp-Bakery(or any other good page builder)
  • Basic CSS & HTML (*Command over CSS and HTML will ease the work process.)
  • Understanding of PHP code will give an upper hand.
  • Should know the working and location of root WordPress files like index.php, function.php, etc.
  • A basic understanding of color combinations will help in building a beautiful website.

Some plugins to install immediately as these have an important role in almost every website.

  • A page builder like elementor or wp-bakery.
  • Revolution slider (if the website has any sliders).
  • Contact form
  • Classic editor.
  • Woo-commerce. (for E-commerce website)
  • With elementor using the elementskit add-on for elementor will open up many more customization options.

Points to keep in mind while designing a website in Word Press.

  • Design a logo.
  • Font characteristics (Font size, font weight, font style, and font family) in the entire website should be the same for a similar group – e.g. i. All the headings should have the same font characteristics. ii. Each paragraph should have the same font characteristics.
  • There should be proper and equal margins between different sections.
  • We should try to minimize the practice of giving negative margins in the website.
  • Choose a color combination and stick to it while designing the website.
  • After designing a section cross check it for responsive mode and make the desired changes on the spot.
  • Remove unnecessary plugins, themes, and CSS from the website, as they contribute to slowing down the website’s loading speed.
  • Start by designing the header and footer of the website, as they will be present on each page and will boost your confidence while designing the pages seeing at least some part of each page is ready.
  • While doing QC of the website don’t keep in mind that you have designed the website and then start looking for errors, as this will help you in finding more errors if there are any.
  • Resize images of similar sections (products, banners, sliders, image gallery, and posts) into a standard same size for a nice and clean look.
  • Don’t overburden the website with images, and videos (until it is important), as more the data more time the website will take to load resulting in a bad user experience.
  • From adding to the cart to checkout, the process should be smooth with minimum steps.
  • On the checkout or payment page, there should not be any distraction for the user like a sidebar or any pop-up not related to that specific page.
  • While designing a multi-language website always install WordPress in the primary language, keep the primary language in priority while writing content of the website, and then translate the primary language’s pages into other languages.
  • Provide proper contact-us info on the website, providing an address, mobile number, and email address is good, but at least your mail id should be easily accessible to the users, in case they want to connect to you.
  • Keep in mind a healthy SEO practice for gaining maximum traffic and a good conversion rate. You can refer to these links for better knowledge of SEO
    a. https://www.webfx.com/seo/learn/web-design-and-seo/
    b. https://www.webfx.com/blog/seo/seo-tips-improve-web-design/
    Note: – You don’t have to do expertise in SEO, but a piece of basic knowledge is a must.
  • Always take necessary actions for the security of the website.
  • A sticky header sometimes gives an elegant look.
Google is and will be your perfect mentor for finding solution to your almost every problem, just learn to search on google properly, which will eventually learn through practice and experience. After mastering PHP, custom plugin development is a great direction one can head to, as in today’s era of a fast-moving lifestyle, everyone wants his work to be done as fast and as smoothly as possible and a plugin does exactly the same. Plugin development pays a lot and you can even develop themes as per the client’s requirements.